Determined to Defend Apple App Store Name

Apple behind ‘attack’ Microsoft that require the name of the App Store is not a monopoly of the Cupertino-based company. As is known, Microsoft filed an objection to Apple’s request to patent the term ‘app store’. Microsoft claims, app store is a generic name that could be used all the competitors. Now, Apple is behind the attack by the term app store they use the term Windows with Microsoft’s. “Over the past decade, Microsoft is also facing an objection related to the generic term they use for Windows. Microsoft should have realized that the focus in evaluating the level of generic, a brand must be thorough and requires an assessment of the main interests of the term of the Read the rest of this entry »


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been realized until now

Closing of the flow velocity of trading volume II players do not make instinct Harry Redknapp to bring in newer players stop there. Departing from Football365 released news on Wednesday (02/02/2011), Tottenham Hotspur coach harbored hope can attract Giuseppe Rossi from Villareal. Unfortunately this intention has not been realized until now.

To bring the Italian players, Redknapp warrant, Tottenham dare buy a Rossi with a tag of 35 million pounds. Unfortunately, until now still reluctant to release Rossi’s Villarreal.

In fact, according to Redknapp, Daniel Levy as chairman and Joe Lewis as the owner of the Spurs’ Redknapp welcomes the proposal to bring Rossi to White Hart Lane. Read the rest of this entry »

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ambush occurred approximately

shootout occurred in Pankalankerinci, Pelelawan, Riau. Action shooting each other is the case when the police conducted raids against dealers of marijuana plot in Pekanbaru.

Pelalawan Police AKBP Nafarin Ariel Rahman said the ambush took place at KM 6 Pankalankerinci. At that time police posing as buyers marijuana leaf.
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memperkirakan bahwa

Lembaga riset digital eMarketer merilis, tahun ini untuk pertama kalinya belanja iklan online telah mengambil alih belanja iklan surat kabar di Amerika Serikat.

eMarketer memperkirakan bahwa belanja iklan online akan tumbuh sekitar 13,9 persen pada tahun 2010 menjadi US$25,8 miliar, sementara belanja iklan untuk media cetak turun 8,2 persen menjadi US$22,7 miliar.

Pendapatan iklan di online meningkat hingga US$25,7 miliar. Angka ini, menurut eMarketer, masih berada di bawah budget para pengiklan untuk online, yakni sekitar US$25,8 miliar. Read the rest of this entry »

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sepanjang tahun 2010

Staf Khusus Presiden Bidang Komunikasi Politik, Daniel Sparingga, menahbiskan tahun 2010 sebagai tahun politik tanpa substansi. Bahkan dia menilai 2010 potret politik yang over acting.

“Potret politik tahun 2010 terlalu dinamis, over tone, over acting, melodramatis, seperti tontotan tanpa substansi,” ujar kata Daniel dalam diskusi Trijaya ‘Prediksi Politik & Hukum 2011’ di Jakarta, Sabtu, 18 Desember 2010.
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Found, Mysterious Manuscript da Vinci

An ancient manuscript found in a public library in the city of Nantes, France. The researchers suspect, the 15th century manuscript that is the brainchild of artist and a philosopher cum technocrat Italian genius, Leonardo da Vinci.

The Guardian newspaper revealed that the manuscript was kept in the cupboard for about a half-century. That is part of the 5,000 documents that were donated to the city of Nantes in 1872 by a wealthy collector, Pierre-Antoine Labouchere.
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Commercial and Business

Data Bank Indonesia (BI) mentions five of the 10 largest banks in Indonesia are foreign owned. Ten largest banks that now control the market share to 66 percent.

Meanwhile, four other largest banks are owned Enterprises
State (SOEs) and the remaining private banks.

Based on data presented at Commercial and Business Director of PT Bank Mandiri Tbk, Sunarso, in the event Infobank Outlook 2011, the assets of foreign banks that increasingly dominate.
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