His relationship with Tamara

Mike Lewis did not deny the rumored near Blezynski Tamara. Based on rumors, Mike had mentioned a long time relationship with Tamara.

Is Mike Lewis is the ‘third man’ in the household and Teuku Tamara Blezynski Joey? “Absolutely not, I am not a person like that,” he said firmly when found in a sports-themed event at Djakarta Theater, last night.

According to the gossip that blow, Mike Lewis already has a closeness with a beautiful widow Tamara since it is still status as the wife of Joey Teuku. However, Mike firmly refute.

His relationship with Tamara, you could say ‘no normal relations’. Even Mike has further hopes to establish a relationship with the boy’s mother.

“We’ll see later, I hope her will over there, but until now there has been no plan to get married,” he explained.


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