U.S. Women Move Jihad Online

Colleen R LaRose, a woman from Philadelphia, United States, using online media for jihad. He is also recruiting people to follow the same thing.

In the media, LaRose suicide plan and raise funds from the U.S. to militant activities they called jihad.

A U.S. official who did not mention his name, said that the Swedish cartoonist makes LaRose, Lars Vilks, as a target killing. Vilks is an artist who had angered the Muslim world because it depicts the Prophet Muhammad.
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LaRose’s name known after authorities arrested seven miliatan from Ireland who tried mamasuki U.S. last October. Not yet clear when the court will begin LaRose.

LaRose-haired and blue-eyed blonde in these online conversations saying that his appearance would help him to move freely in Sweden to carry out the attack.

In online messages in February 2009 which aimed at a conspirator in the South Asia, LaRose says, her physical appearance would make him blend in with many people. “Appearances can I help in achieving what is in my heart,” LaRose said in a message online as it is written in the indictment.

LaRose is the U.S. security forces arrested earlier this week was a convert who actively recruit others to join embrace Islam. Online messages expressing his willingness to become a martyr and his impatience for immediate action


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