Kris Kristofferson

Kris Kristofferson is in love with Raul Lemos. She even says willing to abandon her career for the man. According to Elsie Lontoh, Raul should prepare themselves to provide a decent life for these divas.

“KD is not cheap living costs, you know. Raul should be able to live by KD. Ready later Raul could not live with either KD?” Elsie said Lontoh, attorney friend all the time talking with VIVAnews KD.

KD said Raul is the man she loved at the moment. He willingly left his career for the sake of being with Raul. He wants to live with Raul and married men. KD also boast of not questioning the news that Raul is facing financial problems. He says ready physically and spiritually through life with a man is his heart’s idol.

“It’s up to them. Those who live, really,” he said.

Elsie added to this second child did not know about the KD KD and Raul love story that began to knit back again. He said Sam did prevent her son from TV shows.

“The kids do not know yet,” he said. (Pet)

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