Besides strolling

Besides strolling on the catwalk and became a presenter, Aline Adita have anything else. Aline is the Chairman of the ‘poem for Friends of the Foundation’, which is a social organization that involved providing training for children living with HIV and his mother.

“This training is given every Saturday in the Park Suropati. Twice a month, I met with the children PLHA (People Living with HIV / AIDS), and given English lessons,” said Aline when found in the Park Suropati, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Saturday , July 24, 2010.

According to Aline, his training is different. “Got also make handicrafts. To be sure, we love science and we can even discussions with one another mutually.”

Aline also revealed that this event is one form of social concerns that could follow a lot of people. “I am very concerned with the HIV-positive people, and I also can know more about this deadly disease.”

In addition, the Aline’s not the first artist who served in the position of chairman of this organization. Apparently, he succeeded the position of Luna Maya.

“Before this was Luna who became chairman. But, because of busy life, I replaced Luna. But, do not be associated with the Luna case at hand, you know. Because it was previously Luna is very busy. This organization was established nearly two years, and Luna had become chairman for a year, “said Aline explained.

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