Found, Mysterious Manuscript da Vinci

An ancient manuscript found in a public library in the city of Nantes, France. The researchers suspect, the 15th century manuscript that is the brainchild of artist and a philosopher cum technocrat Italian genius, Leonardo da Vinci.

The Guardian newspaper revealed that the manuscript was kept in the cupboard for about a half-century. That is part of the 5,000 documents that were donated to the city of Nantes in 1872 by a wealthy collector, Pierre-Antoine Labouchere.

A journalist in Nantes has recently revealed that the old manuscripts were untouched by reference to what he learned. Not mentioned, when exactly the discovery document.

The script, allegedly writing da Vinci is still studied. “He’s probably written language of ancient Italy the 15th century and possibly other languages. So, his writings must be examined,” said Agnes Macetteau, head librarian of Nantes.

This is the second from the collection of valuable discovery Labouchere. The first discovery, in 2008, a manuscript arrangement of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart symphony.

Life during 1452-1519, da Vinci was one of the leading figures in Italian as well as a symbol of the revival of Europe, the Renaissance. Besides producing a number of famous paintings, among them the Mona Lisa, da Vinci is also known for designing a number of scientific papers.

In 1486, he designed a flying object, which is similar to a helicopter. Da Vinci also draw the human anatomy, which is useful for the study of medical science. (Sj)

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