ambush occurred approximately

shootout occurred in Pankalankerinci, Pelelawan, Riau. Action shooting each other is the case when the police conducted raids against dealers of marijuana plot in Pekanbaru.

Pelalawan Police AKBP Nafarin Ariel Rahman said the ambush took place at KM 6 Pankalankerinci. At that time police posing as buyers marijuana leaf.

He recounts, when the ambush occurred approximately five people using a Toyota Avanza come to the site. The police agreed to hand over money for the transaction of approximately Rp10 million to buy cannabis weighing 15 kg.

Allegedly saw suspicious signs, the principals into action. They issued a firearm that allegedly had been prepared previously.

“We were ambushed, shot out players who we expect to use long-barreled firearms. So there was a contact shot, “said police chief Arie told reporters in Riau, on Wednesday (02/02/2011).

Even more fierce firefight, some of the perpetrators managed to escape while others were arrested by police.

“The suspect that there are two people that is secured YR, residents of Aceh and A, the people of Riau. Goods were brought from Aceh. Currently we are conducting pursuit of the perpetrators who managed to escape, “he added

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