been realized until now

Closing of the flow velocity of trading volume II players do not make instinct Harry Redknapp to bring in newer players stop there. Departing from Football365 released news on Wednesday (02/02/2011), Tottenham Hotspur coach harbored hope can attract Giuseppe Rossi from Villareal. Unfortunately this intention has not been realized until now.

To bring the Italian players, Redknapp warrant, Tottenham dare buy a Rossi with a tag of 35 million pounds. Unfortunately, until now still reluctant to release Rossi’s Villarreal.

In fact, according to Redknapp, Daniel Levy as chairman and Joe Lewis as the owner of the Spurs’ Redknapp welcomes the proposal to bring Rossi to White Hart Lane.

“Levy says, if we find the right players we can have it. But it is very difficult to get it. He would do anything for Rossi. I think the bidding stopped at the price of 35 million pounds, “said the uncle of Frank Lampard.

“It’s hard to get top players, unless you pay some money. After all, you can not get it because no menjualanya Villareal, “Redknapp snapped.

“Of course, the club owners are willing to pay 30 million pounds for a player like him. There is no doubt that he wanted to do it, “said Redknapp, Spurs officials do not mind considering investing by bringing in Rossi.

Not this time alone Redknapp indulgence in his intention to increase the number of troops. Earlier, Redknapp intends Cahrlie Blackpool midfielder Adam. However, this intention was not accomplished because the deadline winter transfer market has entered the final frontier.


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