Determined to Defend Apple App Store Name

Apple behind ‘attack’ Microsoft that require the name of the App Store is not a monopoly of the Cupertino-based company. As is known, Microsoft filed an objection to Apple’s request to patent the term ‘app store’. Microsoft claims, app store is a generic name that could be used all the competitors. Now, Apple is behind the attack by the term app store they use the term Windows with Microsoft’s. “Over the past decade, Microsoft is also facing an objection related to the generic term they use for Windows. Microsoft should have realized that the focus in evaluating the level of generic, a brand must be thorough and requires an assessment of the main interests of the term of the relevant public,” thus Apple’s arguments as reported by CNet, Thursday (03/03/2011). “However, Microsoft missed an important point, and not basing their complaints through a comprehensive evaluation of how the public understand the notion of the App Store as a whole.” Microsoft filed an objection to the Apple patent application for the term ‘app store’, January. Microsoft claims, the term app store “is too generic to service retail stores that provide an application.” Previously, Microsoft also filed a similar objection to the trademark of ‘The Computer Store’ and ‘Log Cabin Homes’. However, the objection was rejected Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.


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